May 1, 2008

And now for today's skirt... Skirt 1

I've worn it before, I can't let it go... It's the first skirt of Skirt Project!
I don't wear it that often because I didn't like the way it fits. So I made it fit; just the way I like it. I cut off the top and made it shorter. It's so much easier to move in, and I've got to be able to move in my skirts.

Here are some skirt shots for today:

Laura's Skirt and her piano, she's recently taken up piano lessons. Why? Because, she wanted to, and because she is awesome.
Hearts to you!

Sometimes ads that have to do with skirts pop up in my G-mail account. I clicked on this one today because I loved the domain name...
But that's not all; I also love the skirts on the site, as well as their names.

Determination Skirt

For more inspiration, click here: skirts

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