May 5, 2008

First Thing's First: Favorite Shot

This is a picture from my trip to Phoenix a few weeks ago. I've yet to post my pics from that trip. It was great, I realized a lot of things. I was inspired to make some changes.
I post this picture today, because it sums up my life these days... waiting, coffee and Chaco's. Also, I love the denim pencil skirt from Target; a great addition to my closet and replacement for Skirt 3.

Skirt 3 of the original 60 is still hanging in my closet, but I can't wear it because it has a tear. It split up the center seam, I guess it goes to show you that nothing is permanent. I hope that's true for this funk I'm in... Afterall, it's Cinco de Mayo! Time to celebrate!
But wait, what exactly are we celebrating? The Mexican defeat against the French in 1862, I learned earlier today. Should I wear a Mexican inspired skirt? It is also Cinco de Mitro a.k.a. my friend's birthday. He's turning 30 today. Maybe I'll wear Skirt 30?
Hmmmmmm. I'm just not sure what to wear... At least I know what I am not wearing, and these days not knowing is sometimes as good as knowing.

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