March 6, 2013

One Little Word - February

Yesterday's post might have seemed to come out of left field. I guess I should have included that creating a chart to help obtain specific goals was part of the prompt for March from the One Little Word class that I am participating in. The concept behind One Little Word is simple: choose a word for 2013 and keep it close to your heart as you work, live, etc. through the year. My word for 2013 is fearless.
Jon's photo of me being fearless at the top of the duomo in Florence! Whew! That was a tough one for me. 

Every month Ali Edwards, the class facilitator gives us a creative prompt to ruminate and develop ideas as we work with our One Little Word. January's prompt is here, but I have yet to share February's prompt which was to create a vision board. If you don't know what a vision board is, check out this article from, and/or this helpful article from Christine Kane

The Process:  I simply went through my magazines and tore out images that I loved: images that I responded to, images that made me think - "I want THIS." Some themes emerged as I worked - travel, family, creativity, home and writing. I think they are evident. Purely by chance, after I made my vision board, I was prompted in The Artist Way to create a vision board.
I have no shortage of beautiful images thanks to the Dutch magazine Flow. Ik hou van dit tijdschrift! The images in the magazine - some illustrations and some photography, evoke such a lovely feeling. The articles are also very interesting and I can read them, for the most part, in Dutch! Flow has articles for self-improvement, DIY and inspiration. It's a hybrid of all of the things I love, and they have an international edition in English
Initially, I didn't want to cut up my magazines, but I thought again... "Why not? Things are to be used. Spend out!" So, I cut up the issues that I have accumulated since I've been in Belgium and created my vision board:
I love it! I have no idea what its connection is to my word fearless, but this is what Christine Kane described as the "Opening and Allowing" Vision Board. Perhaps I am not afraid to share what I want in life? Ik weet het niet. [I don't know...]

The board hangs in a special place in my home, in  my special nook under the stairs. It's not exactly prominent, but I think now that I shared it on the World Wide Web, that's pretty open and out there. This was a great exercise and a great way to enjoy the magazine that I love.

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