March 3, 2013

Make 52: Week 6

Every Sunday, for 52 weeks, I will share what I have made that week.

6. A.  A little reminder...
Not that I drink coffee at night, but I am really trying to curb my sugar intake. I was inspired by this song by The Guess Who. It was stuck in my head.

6. B. A pear.
This is the first pattern that I've made up. I love how it turned out.
6 . C.  I made a vegan dinner!
This delicious cauliflower and dal recipe came from Food 52. A squeezed lime really heightened the flavor. It was nice to make something different from the veggie bag this week. 

6. D. And finally, a new calendar for March.
Wow! Time really flies when you are having fun. 

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