March 3, 2013

365 Photos: Day 56 - 62

Every Monday Sunday I will post 7 photos for my 365 Photos project. All of my photos are taken with my iPhone, until I can save some money for a nice "real" camera. Let's see what this iPhone can do..
Day 56: Feb 25
Catching up with my favorite shows and trying to figure out a pear pattern. 
Day 57: Feb 26
Check out this swanky Brussels tram interior with leather. Yee haw! 
Day 58: Feb 27
The Lavazza truck parked in front of my house,  but he had no deliveries for me. [Sad face.]
Day 59: Feb 28
My favorite spot to eat and take some tea in Brussels, Le Perroquet.
Day 60: March 1
Another picture from the Stella Artois tour. This is the kitchen, where all the magic happens. 
Day 61: March 2
Do you see the face in this tree? And notice the green lawn in the stadspark [city park]. Spring is almost here!
Day 62:  March 3
This is "the bond," also known as Bondgenotenlaan. It's the main street to the center of Leuven - 
also a straight shot to the train station. Do you see it in the background? 

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