March 5, 2013

Get Active - Intentions for March

I need to get active! 
But all I seem to do is *think* about getting active. 
 However, there are signs all around me,
reminding me to get active!
The books I listened to last month really inspired me to make some changes in my life. I have done pretty well sticking to a schedule as far as writing daily in my journal and keeping up with this blog. I've developed some good-to-me habits, but I have yet to develop healthy habits.

In The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin creates monthly resolution charts to chart her progress in keeping her resolutions. She has even shared these charts on her website. Rubin was inspired by a similar system shared by Benjamin Franklin in his autobiography. The charts created by Franklin list 13 virtues that he believed created personal character. Perhaps it's the former teacher in me, but I liked the idea of the charts, so I made a little chart of my own for March.
This month I am holding myself accountable to do more and develop some good habits. If this works well for March, I'll continue to add to the list in April. I am striving for checks ALMOST everyday, (except for flossing and writing - I'd like those rows to have check marks all the way through the end of month), and I would like to chart my progress.  Plus, I like giving myself pink checks at the end of the day.
Here's to March's healthy habits!

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