January 4, 2012

Shades of Gray

*This post was updated with pics taken from the original date on 1/5/2012.

Well, I don't have my card reader anymore. It's late and I'm tired. If I get a card reader tomorrow, I'll post pics for yesterday and today.

Today, I made three pictures of the solar system as a demonstration for my classes using a crayon resist technique. The kids think it's AMAZING to wipe paint off their picture and reveal the colors below. I immediately tore up my examples, because I have learned that children will copy your picture, and it also helps them loosen up - not to be so hard on themselves and just have fun.
1st grade example. Don't you like her girl astronaut in the rocket ship?
5th grade example.
With the help of my Art Club, we made a frame for our Chinese dragon head using chicken wire and a pizza box. I have never done this before.

I mixed 18 containers of paint for an upcoming project, therefore I made light blue, (or baby blue as the kids call it),
Marbled paint always reminds me of Rome.
Gray, light gray (baby gray, J/K! Couldn't resist), and dark gray.
Kind of reminds me of the phases of the moon.
Now I need to buy some more white paint.

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