January 30, 2012

Des Colores Pie

Today, my kinders made me laugh.
Here is a glimpse of their project. They are each contributing a piece or two to create a version of Wassily Kandinsky's Circles, or Farbstudie Quadrate, 1913. They were having a good old time, using their paints correctly, when all of a sudden I hear a small group break out into the song, 'Des Colores.' It was the cutest thing ever. They didn't know the words. Their lyrics went like this:
'Des Colores, des colores, des colores, des colores, des colores, des colores, des colores, des colores...'
I guess you had to be there.

I made a healthy and delicious pasta dinner tonight. After which I made this:
Blueberry pie!

I've mentioned that 2012 is the year of the pie, and it all has to do with where I got engaged:
I did not get engaged at the Pie-O-Neer Cafe in Pie Town, New Mexico, but we did go there after our visit to The Lightning Field.
Pie makes everything better, and at the moment I am slightly obsessed with learning everything I can about pie.

Tonight's blueberry pie was delicious, though soupy. I read that instant tapioca might solve that problem. Good thing blueberries are on sale.

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