January 22, 2012

Over the Weekend

I glittered up my 'Fu' poster.

This funny exchange from Friday made me laugh...

Mom: So, how do you spell Fu? F-U?
Me: Well, F-U too!
I tutored students at school for four hours, so I made a difference. 

Here are a few things that made me happy:
birthday gift, wrapped with pretty paper. 

I spotted this heart on my way to China Town in Richardson...

We ate at the V-Spot on Henderson.
It was Vvvvvvvvery good. 
It was a beautiful sunny day in Dallas. A perfect day to make sun prints!

A project in the making, on a Madewell shopping bag, no less!

We made some changes in the bedroom:

Then I did my Sunday chores:
I made a grocery list, lesson plans for the week and I did laundry.

I need another day...


abby said...

What are sun prints? That sounds interesting.

Lydia said...

It's a piece of paper with light sensitive chemicals on them. It reacts with sunlight and water. They are really easy to make and lots of fun. Very quick and gratifying, especially if you have lovely items from nature. You would love it!