January 16, 2012

Over My Birthday Weekend, I Made

A to do list and a grocery list:

A deposit:

Hard boiled eggs for my diet, (more on that later):

Baked sweet potato with nothing on it, (also for my diet):

A pie party for my birthday!
The three pies included - a no sugar apple crumb, a chocolate meringue pie all the way from Paris, Texas and a frozen key lime pie, (ours came from Central Market and did not cost $69.99). 2012 is the year of pie, (more on that later.)

A reservation at The Grape for my birthday dinner:
I ate the 2009 Best Burger in Texas, and also a free birthday dessert - a tricked out sundae with candied bacon on top!

It was a great weekend, I hope to post more pics and tidbits about it all later this week.
2012 is going to be a great year. 
Life is good. 

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