January 18, 2010

La Maison de Paris

I have a few more pics of Paris to share and more from our excursion to Normandy. I'm just warning you, this may take all week by the time I am done with this trip!

Today I would like to share some photos of our hosts' home.

* Please note, these photos are from this post on Archinect.

This is the home and work studio of architect Nathalie Wolberg and artist Tim Stokes.

I know Tim from Texas, but got to know Nathalie during our visit. They are so gracious, talented and their home is incredibly amazing.

In this house I discovered how profusely my palms sweat when I am experiencing acrophobia.

Ever since that nightmare that had me running around the second floor of North Park Mall while being chased by the San Diego Chicken, I've been terrified of heights. Weird, I know, but that is literally how it happened. I just woke up terrified by heights.

It wasn't the net that scared me the most, though I did conquer my fears and get in. (I am too embarrassed to show those pics.) After all, YOU MUST TRUST THE ARCHITECT!

It was the stairs.

Just to be in their home was inspiring. To read more about la maison, go to Archinet, Apartment Therapy, and also Dwell. It's hilarious to read the comments. Some people are so ignorant. This may not be a universal aesthetic, but it is worth appreciating as an amazing space, and for its innovative engineering.

And now a few photos I took; I hope I don't get in trouble, but I wanted to show Tim's work. I think it is so playful and beautiful.

The couple's colorful workspace:

Isn't it wonderful?

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