January 27, 2010

Blast from the Past

I've been doing some internal research for a project which is almost complete. I will reveal details soon, but in the meantime, I came across another project in a Word Document that I started in 2006.

I called it 30 for 30.

Basically, this is a list of thirty things that I wanted to do when I turned thirty. As I look over it, I can see that this list is the impetus for this blog which began one year later in 2007. Almost three years later, I am still blogging on Skirt Project, not really revealing my "collections" but more like collecting experiences, and today I am doing it in black velvet pants. What can I say? Today's Belgian weather is too C O L D for a skirt!

Back to the list. It's interesting to see what my goals were four years ago. I wonder what my list would look like today at 34? Maybe, that's what I will work on after this project is complete. I can't take anymore detours as I am working with a deadline and I've stalled enough by watching all of Season One of Being Erica, which is a totally amazing Canadian show that my friend Maggie introduced me to.
Have you seen it?

Screen shot from the pilot of Being Erica.

TV tangent: It's about a beautiful, over educated, impulsive, sensitive 32 year old named Erica Strange. In the pilot, Erica has been forever single, working in a cubicle at a dead-end job waiting for a change to happen and envious of everyone who has what she doesn't have: a man and a career. Through the fate of a nut allergy and a hazlenut late, she comes in contact with a therapist who invites her to list and travel back in time to "fix" every regret she has in her life. Thus my friends, a tv show is born!

It's a really great show, one of the better tv dramas I have seen in a long time. It hits a lot of nerves and history with me personally. And, I especially love the trip down memory lane - Ah, the Nineties... the music, the fashion, the growing pangs...

Back to this post.

And, here is the list from 2006:

So the goal is to complete 30 experiences in year 30. I figure if I post them and keep it public, I'm more likely to do it. Heck, someone may even help me conceive my dreams. The truth is I turned 30 on the 15th of January. The way the rules go... it doesn't count if you complete an experience before the day you turn 30 and it doesn't count if you complete it after the day you turn 31. Are you ready?
I realize it's the 8th of March; I've been 30 for 52 days now.

1. Go to the rodeo -- done, January 27th, 2006. Lots of fun at the Fort Worth Stock Yards. Yee-haw! I am from Texas ya' know. Should have done this years ago. Inspired #2.

2. Ride a horse... again. This is a funny story, when I ride the horse in year 30; I'll reminisce about the last time I was on a horse... age 9.

3. Get my masters. I am writing my thesis. I think my deadline is on the 20th of July for December graduation, which would be my only shot to get my masters in year 30.

4. Get published... Thinking about writing a resource article for Art Education. Would be easy and look great on my resume.

5. Give a gallery talk. Done! I did that today. Murphy and the Machine. Honestly petrified of the entire experience, not confident at all, but it was a lot of fun!

6. Sing... I've always had this secret fantasy of being a rock star. I think I have a good voice. Karaoke will do. Yes I did it at the museum Christmas party, but will I ever do it again? Could I do it with a back up band?

7. Go to Chicago! Doing it on the 20th of March.

8. Go to Disney World. Also happening later this month with my four rambunctious nephews.

9. Go to the gun range and shoot pistols. I’ve dreamed of taking out my aggressions on a target. There is something kind of sexy about the thought of holding a loaded gun.

10. I would like to have a bird come and sit on my shoulder or finger. I like birds, especially parrots. Arrrrgh!

11. Run a 5K, never been athletic. I was the girl who would make herself vomit in gym class just so I could get out of running.

12. Join an intramural sports team. I hate bruises, never really played sports and I like boys…

13. Ride a mechanical bull… I am from Texas.

14. Spa Day, at a getaway spa… I deserve it!

15. Plant a garden… an herb garden

16. Learn to knit.

17. Paint a picture… I’ve yet to complete a painting.

18. Take a class in glass blowing.

19. Machu Pichu. I want to go to Peru.

20. Read 12 books (one each month) I’m 2 for 2 so far.

21. Almost forgot! Curling! Done – Feb. 25th, 2006 with my peeps! ShaNayNay, Kipu Kylie and Charlotte.

22. Sky dive or ride in a hot air balloon. I am deathly afraid of heights.

23. Apply for my dream job. Move for my dream job.

24. Attend a wine tasting, and learn how to select a bottle of wine that I like.

25. Road trip with my Mom. She’s a good lady and nice.

26. Camp in the great outdoors.

27. See the Rockies again! Hike.

28. Visit NYC.

29. Visit LA

30. Buy a bike and ride it like crazy!

It's fun to look at this list, and while I am tempted, I have not changed one single thing on this document. It is up here in all of it's glory. Obviously, I have crossed some things off the list and have not even thought about doing others... I'd love to come back and revisit this list sometime, but I have a deadline of February 1st.

Last Minute Lydia Writes Again!

Ok, and just for fun...
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Shannon said...

I remember this list--and I'm honored to be a part of it. The thing about a bird landing on your shoulder still creeps me out!

Machay said...

I was just talking about this list because Gustavo turned 30 on February 4th. Anyway, I hope going to Machu Picchu is still something you want to do. We have extra bedrooms here until December! I know you're literally on the other side of the globe now, but not forever, right?