January 14, 2010

Paris, Day 1, Part III, ET

It doesn't really look like that, but it is the first sketch/page in my red Moleskine that Mr. Wonderful bought me.

The first impression of the Eiffel Tower, besides looking like a skrim on a Hollywood movies set, is that it is extremely TALL. I was not prepared for the height that towered over me.

There's one foot:

This is what I am looking at:

I took three photos and then, with the help of Mr. Wonderful, stitched them together for the full effect:

He's a good teacher, patient and kind.

Positive and Negative Space


The Man Himself:

For some reason The Pixies, come to mind:

"Little Eiffel stands in the archway,

Oh Alexander, I see you beneath

the arch over areodynamics."

A Sheeler inspired shot, taken by Mr. Wonderful.
It's just beautiful.

The view from afar:

ET kitch:

Of course I got one!

Shot in the night:
It reminds me of this.

Blurry blue ET

ET at night

I went a little picture crazy

Subway tiles Concord station:

The Concorde Metro stop had to be my favorite one that I saw on my trip. I am a sucker for type and ceramic tile. The letters are actually the words from the Declaration of the Rights of Man from the French Revolution of 1789. Get the full effect here.

Blue Suede Shoes:
Parisian's have the best style!