April 2, 2009

Sparkle & Lights + What you can do with a plastic water bottle...

Some Sparkle
Today's skirt is soft and cuddly, and oh so cute! It's made of pretty pastel flannel. Come to think of it, I don't have a flannel skirt...
Check out her sparkly shoes:

I think everyone should have something sparkly to look at. Some ladies have diamonds, I have teeny tiny feet(s).

Sparkle & Lights 
Last night on a stroll around One Arts Plaza, I tried to capture the night lights in a skyline and got this shot:

Which led to more of these...




:) This one looks like a smiley face, doesn't it?

More Sparkle & Today's How To...
Here are some Mexican inspired crafts that are made from plastic water bottles:


Shake, shake, shake!

What's inside?  
A mixture of sparkly confetti, pony beads, and small rocks.

The kids helped mix it all together and we used the funnel to pour it in the bottles.

Once the bottles were filled, I let the kids decorate their bottles with stickers... They loved this! Glue the tops on to avoid a mess.

One More & More Sparkle

How do these bottles turn into our next project?

Almost like a monarch itself!

First, paint the bottles black or brown, or what ever color you wish.

What do you see here?

Next, cut out wings from a symmetrical shape.
Have the kids paint on one side and fold it over to create an paint blot print. Perfect to use later in life for the Rorschach personality test...

Add glitter to the wings for just a little bit of sparkle.

Don't forget MY sparkly shoes!

Once the paint is dry, hot glue the wings on to the bottle.

Add a pipe cleaner for the antennas, and draw a face on the lid of the water bottle.

The wings go "Up and down! Up and down!Up and down!Up and down!Up and down!Up and down!" etc., for hours, until the wings break, or the monarch mysteriously disappears.


Artspace111 said...

Lydia is the coolest teacher EVER! I want to be a student in your class! I love keeping up with you and all your fun projects. Much love... T

Marianne said...

Love the light plaza photos. Totally going to try that, next time I am awake past dark!