April 8, 2009

Pin Wheels and an Egg Hunt

Do you like my Easter display?

I made the bunny, and helped my kids make the pin wheels.

Here's how we did it:

First, I had the kids decorate a square sheet of construction paper. I had them draw on one side, and for the other side used a tissue paper technique with Mod Podge. 

Place small squares of tissue paper on top of a thin layer of Mod Podge. (Believe it or not, little fingers CAN do this.) After the squares have set, apply another thin layer of Mod Podge over the sqaures. This will seal all of the pieces, give the paper extra strength and make the back of the pin wheel shiny.

Following the instructions that were online here, I folded the square into quarters on the diagonal.

Next, cut 2/3 to the center, up from each corner, like so:

Make sense?

Next, bring each corner to the center and tack with a straight pin. I used brads at first to tack the corners, but later when I assembled the pin wheels I realized this would not work. The instructions suggested a straight pin, which works well. These are some of the best pin wheels, because one side was completely covered in marker design.

For assembling, the instructions also suggested using a bead between the paper and a dowel. I didn't find this necessary. Also, I didn't use a dowel; I used a cardboard tube from a wire hanger. I wrapped crepe paper around the cardboard tube with hot glue to decorate it. I used green crepe paper to create a pretty stem. Subconsciously, I was trying to convey spring flowers with pin wheels.


Because the pin kept coming out on some pin wheels, I pushed hot glue through the top of the card board tube. I thought it might act as EXTRA reinforcement. =)

I was delighted when the pin wheels actually worked.

So were my kiddos. This made us all smile.

Eye see you...

A cool pic by a 4-year-old who didn't know the camera was backwards.

My Easter gift to my students:

bubbles and gourmet jelly beans packaged like fat carrots.

So, this is what our school calls an "Egg Hunt."

This little bunny is just waiting to get her hands on the eggs...

Pretty pink tule skirt.

Pretty pouffy orange taffeta skirt with a hot pink petticoat.

Confetti from the cascarones.

It's been 9 hours and I'm still brushing confetti out of my hair.

Lucky me! Tomorrow I get to do it all over again!

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