April 6, 2009

My Friend Guy...

Guy's model of the Zocalo in Mexico City.

Guy’s bird Fancy.

I found out this weekend that two of my students from Mexico were in a horrible car accident last Friday night. One is ok, but shaken. The other, my friend Guy, took all the impact and is in a coma.

Guy is a very talented artist and special, well "guy." He would talk me out of my American raged hissy fits when I couldn't get things done immediately.

"Miss ~ Chill out. You're in Mexico now... Miss you can't talk to them like that, they just don't get it ... You're on Mexican time now, just relax..."

I sound crazy now that I write about it, but eventually I did get it. He is a sweet, gentle soul with a loco side...(puro Mexicano). I really admire his LOVE of Mexico, and his talents allow him to share the best parts of Mexico with us: the architecture, the fiestas, the music, the food and yes, the lifestyle.

Please, if you can send positive thoughts his way. He is fighting for his life right now...

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