September 22, 2008

Weekend Warrior

What a weekend for crafting! Sheesh! I'm pooped. And I have three more events this week! I shouldn't complain, cause that's totally not cool.
Project #1
Saturday, I went to a book signing and workshop at Make studio.

Here are some of the materials that we used: vintage finds.

I made a necklace and some earrings. They are not my style to wear, but they were fun to make, and you never know. Maybe I will wear them...

Project #2
Inspired by a recent shopping jaunt to North Park, I came across these beautiful pins at J. Crew. They are gorgeous, and so expensive! ($45 - 65).

This is tonight's project for Craft Night, so I had to do a trail run. I sat down with some girlfriends and pumped these out with vinyl, felt and a glue gun.

Not bad... but I can't wait to make more tonight!

Project #3
And finally, Paper Source had it's first event and class last night, and boy was it fun!

We made embossed tote bags, postcards, and made a travel portfolio. I learned so many techniques in this class, won a paper making kit and had a great time!

My postcard and stamping project...

Write soon y'all!

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