September 14, 2008

Weekend Skirt

I spent the week with Moc Moc, seen there in the lower left. She's so cute. Such a sweetie, and she hasn't left my lap all weekend. We were weathering the storm together. Her mama is out of town, and she has great taste in colors, patterns and skirts! (I think it's rubbed off on me...) Here she is modeling the new skirt she got at Anthropologie.

I bought some new rain boots and rocked 'em all weekend!

I didn't take pics in the rain, I didn't want to get my camera wet.

I also learned a new skill:
Silk Knotting with Pearls

It's so easy, and I love the yellow thread! I always tend to stay pretty monochromatic in my designs, but I love the way the color pops!

My paint-by-numbers clown is nearly finished, I should be able to show it off tomorrow. AND
Check out The Fabled Needle blog for her musings on her thrift store finds this weekend. I also thrifted, but did not buy a skirt. I bought a bright mustard yellow dress for two whole dollars!

Anyway, back to blogging. There is another person out there who shares my love of skirts!
Check out A Dress A Day for her top ten reasons why skirts are better than pants.


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