September 3, 2008

Paint by Number Skirt

I heart Google! Earlier this morning I typed in "paint by number skirt" and look what came up!

This is a skirt off of Etsy by katinkapinka, a seller right here in Texas! It's from 2007 and totally too bad, because I love it!

The fabric is tres chic and upon further investigation, I found out that it's by textile designer Erin Michael. Apparently she designs for Moda fabrics and this line will be available in December! I am sooo excited!

Wow, wow, wow!


steph said...

ooh i like that skirt, too.

and those pie comparisons below are great to look at!

well done.

you should start a little zine with some of these posts!

Molly said...

How do you color-by-number fabric?