September 25, 2008

Pink & Red

The great thing about teaching pre-school, besides the hugs and cuddles, the arts and crafts, is that I can color coordinate my outfits to our daily activities!
The firemen came yesterday and that event called for R E D !
I didn't wear a skirt, because of the kids and all.

What a heroic outfit!

So many accessories!

Whoa! Waterworks!

Later that night, at the wire crochet workshop at Beading Dreams...

My work in progress:

I finished my bracelet and got so many compliments today!

Today, we finger painted pigs with brown paint to make them dirty, so I wore pink and brown. I don't have a pic of the finished project, but they were cute!

Mmmmm. Pork & cupcakes! (pink & brown)

I can't wait for my cake decorating class!!!

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