August 6, 2008

More on Yes Man

Skirt 44, and I feel so much better today!

The book "Yes Man" first caught my attention a couple of weeks ago at Whole Earth Provision Company, mainly because of the title, "Yes Man." My ex, not the most recent, but the one before... anyway, he told me more than once that he didn't want to be my yes man. Not that I make my partners agree with me totally and do exactly what I want or say. That's ludicrous! Why would I want to be with someone like myself? I thought this was a very bold and unusual statement; but then again, so was he... bold and unusual, that is... Anyway, just from those two pages that I read there in the store, I gleaned a tremendous message: say yes more - you never know what opportunities behold if you do. I loved the idea because of its' simplicity and positiveness. And seriously, reading those two pages from Yes Man is how I ended up back in Mexico! I said yes to a great opportunity, yes to adventure - a 22 hour bus ride (more on that later) and yes to my desire: I wanted to come back.

I finished "Yes Man" today, and it got me thinking about so much of what's happened this past year: Skirt Project, falling in love, broken heart, moving to Mexico, moving back to Texas, following your passion, what do I do now?, etc... Where am I going with all of this? Who knows? But this book has got me thinking and excited again. There is a part where Danny writes that saying yes was his path to enlightenment. I attended a writer's workshop my last weekend in Vallarta, and I shared the premise for Skirt Project with the leader. His only comment was that my skirts were my Nirvana. But, it all makes sense now; Skirts are MY path to enlightenment.

I said YES more today... here's some of my yesperiences:
En la calle: mira la vista!

You'll never guess where I am? La Fabrica la Aurora
La Fabrica is an old textile factory, turned artists' studio, gallery, an all around very cool space.


These gears, cogs and things that take me back to my drawing days...
I just had to get my photo with some real machinery.

Mira esta máquina!

Meet my friend, Callie Calavera

She's accompanying me through La Fabrica.

What's that smell?

Mmmm.... pan dulce!

This was my first time ever to eat it hot out of the oven. It was so soft and delicious.

Mira los milagros!

What's that I hear???

Just the civic drum and bugle corp practicing. My favorite is "Give Peace a Chance"

On the way home, a neighbor invited us to check out their house that's being built near where we are staying. What a beautiful home and spectacular view! I couldn't resist a photo, but was a wee bit nervous. Can you tell?

I ended my evening at D'Vino for a flamenco dance show, but I was solo tonight. It was a fantastic show! I used to take flamenco dancing lessons... (another story for another post) I must look into taking lessons again as soon as I get back. I think I could pound my broken heart out, it's just what I need. These women had such passion and grace... to me that says it all.

I'll post some pics of the show as soon as I access WiFi, but I want to point out the painting that is behind the tiny stage. That's by Peter Leventhal, an artist that I met today...
Thanks Anne!

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