June 5, 2008

Skirt 16

I began and ended my day surrounded by books!
Well, sort of...

AM: At Paperbacks Plus:
Hmmmm... James Joyce. Portrait of an Artist, or Portrait of a Lady... I can't decide.

I haven't worn these shoes in ages! They made me feel fabulous and didn't hurt too bad... And, they helped me get LOTS of assistance at Home Depot. ;-)

After work and coats of paint, it was time to play again.
Hoo-ray! After being shut down for repairs to their fire damaged kitchen, Cosmic Cafe is open again, and the chai was awesome!
Sew sweet!

To my right is Jill, a fabulous gal and great wearer of skirts. Her textured hot pink number is from House of Dang. I have a hot pink skirt too, but I don't look nearly as good as Jill when I wear it.

PM: We ended the evening at The Library. Not so many books, but the company was nice!

I've been away - both mentally and physically, but I've still been wearing my skirts. I have quite a bit to update, which I'm hoping to get to later today. I'm up to date, well sort of...
Today I'm wearing Skirt 16. It's still one of many, I think 6 black skirts, that I have.

Things are good.
Life is good.
Skirt 16 is good,
but it still has way too many belt loops.

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