June 11, 2008

I should have worn this skirt tomorrow...

Oh well... I just realized that I wore Skirt 32 one year ago tomorrow. I was going to wear Skirt 14 for my "do over," but I opted for Skirt 32 beacuse I was up at the crack of dawn and too busy to turn on the iron. Working on a project here, an assignment if you will. Anyway, I love, Love, LOVE this skirt, and part of the reason is for this picture below.

I don't know why, this pic just appeals to me, but so does today's.

Could it be the skirt? I don't know, but this skirt makes me feel ultra feminine, and I love the way it flounces when I walk. It makes my steps seem lighter and confident all at the same time. Maybe it's the fabric or the cut. Whatever, this skirt always makes me feel great!

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