June 6, 2008

Friday's Skirt

Friday's Skirt is super cute and a great idea. It's two large scarves that have been sewn together, there are two darts in the front and fits with a tiny draw string. The scarves are colorful and bright vintage numbers that remind me of the scarves I used to wear when I was undergoing chemotherapy. I didn't care for the wigs, and I couldn't afford them. Anyway, I thought the scarves were a much better option, cooler and more colorful, I could show off more of my personality. Now, I wish I'd kept them...

Side A
and a handbound book that I made the other day. :-)

Side B

Car Shot... it's been a long time.

At the Dallas Museum of Art library doing some research.

I also went to see the exhibition Making It New Again; The Art and Style of Sara & Gerald Murphy. I've waited two years to see this exhibit, but it was freezing in the galleries. I'm going to have to go back, but I need to wear tights when I do.

Skirt 17 is in progress right now...
I'm not ready to don it quite yet, but hopefully will be sporting it Monday.
Today's skirt is funky and never been worn on Skirt Project.
It's a cute little number from Buffalo Exchange that I bought in Portland last summer.

It's time to go meet my pops for lunch.

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