June 10, 2008

Hose or No Hose

Recently a friend of mine told me about an article in the Wall Street Journal and the great debate about panty hose. Then yesterday morning, as I was getting ready for one of my jobs, Good Morning America was also in my face about panty hose!

I've just recently started taking a ballet class again after 10 years, and found myself in the dance store purchasing tights and other proper ballet attire (a skirt, of course!). While trying my wares on, I thought to myself, "you know... these actually aren't that bad." I thought they really defined my legs and made me feel a little bit slimmer and taller. Wow! If tights can do that, maybe I should give panty hose another try, so that's what I'm doing today with Skirt 13.

What else am I going to do in the sweltering heat of Dallas, but give it a go-round and see for myself. I went for Sheer Energy off white today, cause if I'm gonna wear 'em, might as well wear 'em. None of that nude stuff for me. Nude is not a color,it's nude! Anyway, it's 3:30, I'm sitting in an air conditioned place and it's not that bad. I feel slightly little girlish... maybe that's why I like 'em?


SweetnPantyhose said...

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G said...

I agree, besides the fact it will complement your lovely legs along with your skirt and heels.
By wearing hosiery makes you look much more professional as well as sexy.