April 8, 2008

new skirt

Sometimes life requires a new skirt. Today's skirt is from Target by Isaac Mizrahi. I bought it to replace Skirt 33 from the original 60. That blue skirt that makes me feel like a huge blueberry. This skirt is made of the same fabric, but is a straight pencil silhouette. I like it...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i was looking for the identity of a house plant and a picture of it happened to pop up associated with your blog in google image search. i found it and the identity and for this i say thank you! (pin-striped plant as it happens.)

i did however have to plod through many random waist-down skirt images (i can't wear skirts except to special events; men tend to become offensive when i do) and would like to say this: this is the weirdest blog i've come across ever and for that you should be commended. I read your intro and you go girl! best of life to you who ever you are!