April 21, 2008

Between Posts...

What can I say? Life gets in the way sometimes, but not between me and my skirts.

Inspired by the book I am reading by Jhumpa Lahiri, I wore Skirt 22 because of the antique sari fabric and the colors match the cover.

Unaccustomed Earth is Lahiri's latest collection of short stories. Her writing is so beautiful; transporting you to far-away places and moving you to feel her characters' depth..

Reparing communication: I've updated and upgraded to Apple's iPhone.

Can you hear me now?
I love my new toy.

Knit skirts
This weekend I wanted to feel comfortable so I donned Skirt 40
and Skirt 4, and I had quite the weekend!
Friday I hit the sushi buffet at Sushi Sapporo on Oak Lawn, and it was yummy!

Friday night, Skirt 4 and I went to Woodrow Wilson High School to attend their production of The Sound of Music, and I was so impressed! It was such a professional production! It made me miss my little school in Vallarta...
Still in Skirt 4, Saturday was a night of openings, namely Central Trak, UT Dallas artists residency.

Inside "Lifebean" by Anderson Anderson.

And now for my favorite skirt this past weekend:
Molly's ballet skirt. Not a tutu, but not shorts either...

Hoo-ray for tights and leg warmers!

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