April 11, 2008


Still working on the bathroom and the garden today. It's a little chilly for a skirt, but who knows... maybe I'll don one later today.
I did end up donning the new hot pink skirt that I bought in Chicago that day and all weekend, but I didn't take any skirt shots in it. I've been a bit distracted, but I'm getting things in order... getting all of my skirts in a row, if you will. Here are some pink pics that inspired my decision that day:

My favorite T-shirt, and fluffy pancakes with strawberries...


A pink stove top espresso maker...

Houseplant with pink striped leaves; actually called Calathea majestica or 'Roseolineata'.

Mom's roses from the rosebush my brothers planted for her 35 years ago.

I ♥ pink!

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Anonymous said...

Expresso maker ... is wearing a skirt!