April 23, 2008

@ B. T. W. H. S. P. V. A.

B.T.W.H.S.P.A. also known as Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts is open again! After a year and a half at a temporary location, the doors are open once again on Flora Street. This isn't your ordinary high school, it's a beautiful state of the art, million dollar building.

Here are some pics from my tour yesterday.

The massive 4 story addition where the parking lot used to be

Inside the front intrance on Flora Street. Things still look the same.

The renovations in the front building, raised ceilings and no lockers. The renovations enhance the building, but it still has the same feeling.

A new classroom in the front building:

A drawing classroom in the new addition. Check out that natural light flooding the room,

and all of that storage space...

State of the arts classrooms with Apples for the teachers and students.

The dark room:


Big, beautiful dance studios:

Overlooking the cafeteria:

This is where I used to eat lunch...

The new outdoor theater in the courtyard... Lunchtime performances still happen at BTWHSPVA.

Another view from the courtyard. The red building is the original high school and the gray building is the new addition. That's One Arts Plaza in the background...

Downtown Dallas as seen in front of the uncompleted theater at Arts...

Oh, how my city has changed, but still remains the same...

Some kids are receiving good news today... acceptance letters have been mailed. Congratulations!
Hope I hear some good news soon too...

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