April 22, 2008

Missing Mexico Skirt

I had a dream about Mexico last night. My friends from PVwere in it, which prompted me to wear the skirt that Penney gave me. It's a beautiful skirt from a little store, which is actually a woman's house, in Bucerias. I did the best I could to take a picture with it with my iPhone, but it's hard because there isn't a timer on it... oh well... what are you going to do? Mexico was such a great experience that I hold close to my heart. Thankfully I have some great skirts that bring it all back when I feel that I start to forget it. Thank you for my skirt Penney!

I had an interview yesterday. Check out my new skirt and shirt, a gift from my cousin. I even have a matching blazer! I wore the suit, pantyhose and pearls, not my everyday attire or anything that I'm used to. It was a great learning experience... I learned more about myself, namely what I want to do and what I don't want to do, and for that I am grateful.

Gas is expensive, it cost $50 to fill up! Sheesh!
I need a j- o - b in a major way...

At Target buying some sunnies and some pantyhose.

Please God, don't let me work at a place where I have to wear pantyhose, though I hear they're good for growing tomatoes.

So, this is my new interview outfit. I've worn it once already. I wonder how many times I will wear it before I land a job???

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