March 25, 2008

Pool of Pollution

At the lake with Moxie:

The City of Dallas has been working hard to improve the public conditions at White Rock Lake. For example: creating a solid, paved trail for pedestrian and bike traffic, which is really nice and air-y to walk on. However, the view is less than. The garbage, waste, and cesspool that sits next to this divine path is disgusting. There are so many plastic bottles, shoes, purses, and personal garbage from many picnics and lives that come to share the lake. I couldn't believe the mess!

This is horrible; a true crime with a simple solution: don't use so much stuff, recycle and put the garbage in the trashcan. How can this spot be preserved for future generations to enjoy nature and wildlife if we are destroying it in the process?

(Check out Moxie's favorite find on our walk...)

You. Me. Everyone.
Where is all this garbage going to go?

If you have 20 minutes, learn more. Check out this educational cartoon: Story of Stuff.

Today's skirt doesn't have a number... That system is all messed up, but I bought this skirt in Mexico last month. I'm really happy to be back home, but I miss some things, and that's why I chose today's skirt. That, and it has flowers which made me think of the Cathy comic that my bro sent me.

In the car, on my daily errand to the Goodwill drop off center.
I've got to get rid of all this stuff...

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