February 26, 2008

Synchronous Skirt


Yesterday was overcast which always reminds me that I have not seen or smelled rain since last year. The next time I am where it is raining, I'm going to go for a nice long walk, close my eyes and just feel the drops on my face. I miss the way it smells, I miss the lightning, I miss the thunder, I miss the way it makes me feel. I feel like the Earth is cleansing itself and me with it. There is something renewable about it that I crave...
Anyway, that's the funny thing about being present and in the moment. It's almost as soon as it's thought, you invite it into your world. And while it's not raining physically here in Vallarta, the rain came up several times yesterday in conversation and experiences with my teachers: students and friends.

Skirt 42 reminds me of the rain, snow, Anna, NYC, wonderful possibilities. All of these experiences I hold dear to my heart. Even though my skirt is black and gray, it is so beautiful, and... (I must repeat this at least three times:)
I will not get paint on my skirt today.
I will not get paint on my skirt today.
I will not get paint on my skirt today.

If I close my eyes and concentrate, I can feel and smell what I am missing.

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