December 5, 2012

Christmas Ball, Day 5

de hamburger
le hambuger
Anyone who knows me, knows that I collect hamburgers for whatever reason. They make me smile, and this past summer my mom dug up some old drawings that I drew as a kid. They were of...
Guess what... ? 
That's right! 

I think I like hamburgers because they are so colorful:
And, because they taste so good and they are all American. Like me!

I designed this pattern myself and it knit up rather quickly, despite using so many colors. 

Speaking of colors,
I used some of the tiny scraps from the pom-poms I made yesterday to stuff today's hamburger ball. Did you happen to see the pom-pom tutorial on Design Sponge today? I think pom-poms are the new bunting flags.

I love hamburgers and wanted to make a special Christmas ball to commemorate this and also to introduce Hammy Hamburger.
Hammy is a plush toy made by Steff Bomb. By the way, I just learned that Steff Bomb was the winner of TLC's Craft Wars. Um. - 1) How cool is that? And 2) why have I not watched this show? 

Hammy was given to my by a good friend from Dallas who recently came to visit, and he's already been a few places with me. 

Here he is in the Grand Place in Brussels:

In front of the Musical Instruments Museum , (I've not yet gone in, but I love the building so much.)

 In the galleries at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium:

At the Central train station in Brussels:

 In front of Manneken Pis, recently rated as one of "Europe's Most Disappointing Sight"":

Here Hammy enjoys the BEST burger he's had in Belgium thus far at Burgerij in Antwerp.

And most recently, to the Christmas Market in Brussels.
I will write more on the Christmas Market of Brussels in a later post. 

Hammy will be going on European adventures and makes photos more fun, especially since I don't like photos of myself. Whenever he poses for photographs, everyone around him smiles and laughs.  It's great, and we really enjoy it.

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