December 1, 2012

Christmas Ball, Day 1

de peer
la poire

My first Christmas ball for December 1:
Apparently it's a pear!

I chose a Christmas ball of my own design, which I will do from time to time. 

Pears have a special significance for me. My first painting in my color theory class in college was a picture of a pear. In my first ceramics class both my coil and slab projects were of pears also. There is just something about them that I like. It could be the form, the color, their sweet flavor or perhaps it's just a sweet association - memories. 

I chose a pear because last Monday I went to an apple and pear processing plant

It could have been an orchard, but the trees have been picked since September and I didn't see any that day. I was hoping to see the trees and pick apples, but that didn't happen. It's a little too late in season for that. However, I did see the process for sorting, cleaning and distribution. 
These are 2nd rate apples - too red in color, or yellow or blemished. I think they're gorgeous!
Het is interessant. I learned a lot about apples and pears of Belgium, and tasted pure juice, sweet jams and liquors.
Apple and pear tea, cider, liquor, chocolate, honey and jams.
These products were too sweet for me, but I did come home with some juice, apples and pears. 

Here's a blurry picture of some pears.
Would have been a nice shot...
And if you can't make it to Fruit Vanhellemont during their opening hours, you can always use the automat on the side of the road. They sell a variety of fresh apples and pears, juices, and select specialty products. 
Pear and apple automat.

The Michelin Man graced a few tractors that were in the warehouse. Seeing him made me smile. 

It was a nice day, even if I didn't get to pick any apples. There is always next year...

Tomorrow I hope to share a pear recipe and my 2nd Christmas ball.

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