December 2, 2012

Christmas Ball, Day 2

het hart
le cœur
This heart's for you.
This is Christmas Ball 30, "Heart," from 55 Christmas Balls to Knit by Arne and Carlos.

I chose a heart because 4 years ago today I met my sweetheart, and now we are married.

Originally, I was hoping to knit a special pattern for Jon, but I knew I wouldn't really have time today. I had a super distraction, I went to the Christmas Market in Brussels. I promise to write more about today's visit later this week and hopefully have a related Christmas ball to blog about as well.
Controversial Christmas tree in the Grand Place, Brussels.
Christmas ball 2 in progress on the train to Brussels.
I hope to create and knit that special pattern for Jon within the next 25 - 27 days. It will be a bit more involved, but I think it will make a wonderful ornament and story. I hope I can work it out, patterns are so much fun to create.

Also coming later this week - my favorite way to eat pears.

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