September 2, 2014


I got a new computer back in December because my old one is almost fried. I still need to get photos and documents off of it, but for now the photos on my new computer go back to January of this year. Last night I had the "brilliant" idea of sharing photos from the 2nd of each month going back to January in an effort to share some insight into life these past few months. However, after working on this post today, I don't know how "brilliant" this idea is. It might not make much sense. It's just kind of scratching the surface with all that has transpired. In any case, here goes...

January 2, 2014
After spending a couple of weeks in Texas for the holidays, we returned to Europe via Amsterdam.
Two interior shots of our friend's place in Amsterdam, which also happens to be on AirBnB. I'll have to search for the link, but will post it as soon as I find it. It's a great space in a great location!
I always make time for some herring when I am in Amsterdam. 
 February 2, 2014
A rainy Sunday afternoon read. Vincent by Barbara Stok.
March 2, 2014
No photo on this day, but I know that I was planning to knit this blanket for the babe. 

April 2, 2014
I took a quick road trip with some friends to see Monet's garden in Giverny.
I'm about 18 weeks pregnant in this photo. 
May 2, 2014
My mom came to see me in May and it was her first visit to Europe! She returns later this month - but this time we won't be taking in so many sights - just baby snuggles.
Enjoying a Gaufre de Bruxelles, (Brussels Waffle), and charming Art Nouveau interior at Le Cirio in Brussels. 
June 2, 2014
I've craved fruit my entire pregnancy. When it was strawberry season in Belgium I would make this mocktail for myself. It's easy to make and only uses three ingredients - fresh strawberries that have been puréed, agave syrup (add enough to your taste) and sparkling water. I think there also may have been some fresh lime juice squeezed in there too. Mmmmmm!
July 2, 2014
This was our 2nd day in London. Just a sampling of our activities this day included:
Walking around Chelsea, 
Exploring and sampling the fine fare in and around the Borough Market,
Fulfilling a dream and visiting the amazing Liberty of London store,
Sight seeing, 
And eating a delicious curry dinner and then walking through SoHo.
I first saw Les Miserables in London 22 years ago! Wow! 
August 2, 2014
We ran errands this day and also started getting the room ready for the baby. 

I'll share more about that tomorrow, unless I don't... 
In which case I will probably be in the hospital laboring away.  

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