January 26, 2013

Make 52: Week 1

I guess I was busy this week. I can't promise I'll always make so many things, but I hope I do. 

1.A. My One Little Word cards.
I blurred the writing because these are raw ideas. I'm not totally ready to share with the world yet, but all will be revealed each month.

1. B. My To Do list.
Really, this is all I *have* to do this week? Life is good. 

1. C. Quick thank you note to mom. 

1.D. Pumpkin Carrot Fennel Soup
Making good use of this week's veggie bag and crème fraîche.

1.E. Champagne Cage Bistro Chairs.
Full tutorial here. 

1.F. Champagne Cork Toadstool.

1.G. Champagne Cork Toadstool Heart Stamp
Finally, my set is complete!

1.H. Grilled Gruyère with Sautéed Spinach Sandwiches.
Delicious with left over soup. 

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