January 13, 2013

365 Photos: Day 7 -13

Jan 7
This weeks delicious fruits and veggies from the Groentas - or student veggie bag.

Jan 8
I always wanted to arrange my books by colors. I cannot believe I have this many books in just 6 months time. There are more in another shelf in the woonkamer. How in the heck am I going to get these back home?

Jan 9
Lovely detail, despite the ugly yellow masking tape on the  edges. I get to enjoy this beauty every morning. 

Jan 10
A beautiful sunny day in Leuven! I was a few minutes late to French class so that I could take advantage of the glorious blue Belgian sky. This is the top of Belgian artist Jan Fabre's sculpture in the Ladeuzeplein. 

Jan 11
I spent the majority of the day studying French. My exam is in 4 days!
Eeek! Thank goodness for Rosetta Stone. 

Jan 12
Bicycle parking for the fiets. Riding or walking in here never gets old. We went to Antwerp that day for some shopping and an early birthday celebration.  More on that later. 

Jan 13
A white pigeon. Perhaps a messenger? 

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