January 20, 2013

365 Photos: Day 14 - 20

It wasn't a super exciting week in photos, though a lot did happen.
Jan 14
We write our grocery list on a chalk-up sticker on our kitchen cupboard. I take a picture of it and refer to it at the store. Obviously, this day I went to the grocery store. I think it's worth noting that my language classes are started to inhibit my English. Notice the way I spelled coffee:  coffie - a Dutch-English (Dutchlish) hybrid of sorts. By the way, our koffie is Italian. We celebrate many cultures in our household.
Jan 15
I was too busy studying to go out and take pictures. It was my birthday, as well as EXAM day.
P.S. I will never, NEVER take an exam on my birthday again. It was awful!
Jan 16
The Flemish love their candy, snope, if you will. I stopped in this fun store with a friend on a very grey day. It was so happy and colorful on the inside and it smelled so good!
Jan 17
Hello pink polka-dot paper! 
I had another fun day shopping for craft and art supplies in Leuven. Things aren't as hard to come by as I used to think they were... Either that, or I am not as picky.
Jan 18
Laundry Day. 
Jan 19
A beautiful day in the neighborhood.
Groot Begijnhof, Leuven
Jan 20
Home Sweet Home
More snow, and the warmth within. 

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