April 9, 2010

Mr. Wonderful and Mark Bittman

I am such a lucky girl. I have Mr. Wonderful and Mark Bittman, and when the two come together, it's a magical night. One such night was last night, Mr. Wonderful and I cooked this delicious meal after an evening bike ride and run* to Park Abbey.
*Jon runs, I walk.

Jean George's Fried Rice
(Recipe courtesy of Mark Bittman, here.)

Cookbook author Mark Bittman, always features fresh recipes on the new Diner's Journal, a New York Times blog. His older blog Bitten, was fabulous - full of recipes, interesting articles about the food we eat and my favorite - how-to videos. Mark is also known as The Minimalist, that's probably the reason Mr. Wonderful likes him too.

Mark's recipes are simple to make, the ingredients are always fresh and accessible and the outcome is always delicious! He has traveled to Europe, has eccentric taste and has the best sense of humor - no wonder I LOVE this man!  Spend an evening with Mark Bittman, you will not be disappointed.

Oh, and check out Kate Murphy's article, First Camera, Then Fork. It's really interesting!

 Now for some fun photos from last night's dinner...

It's the USA in leeks!

Outside our kitchen window:
Perfectly pink and placed jet trails in the sky...

And the Leuven Bat Show!
How cool is that?

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