April 10, 2010

Another Blast from the Past

I was out and about in Dallas one year ago today. This post never made it up, I'm sure because I wanted to go on and on about the Charlie Harper exhibit at The Public Trust. I just love his work. It's beautiful, simple and just so pleasing to my eye.

Another thing that looks wonderful in this post is the food.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

I ate at Twisted Root today. I just heard about this place last night. I couldn't believe that there was a hamburger place in Dallas that I hadn't tried. The burger was excellent, tasty and seasoned with just the right amount of pepper and spice.
I treated Leslie to a Root Beer Float. His birthday is tomorrow and it's the least I could do, since he is helping me with my next project:
Hamburger with sweet potato chips
Ice Cream Sign

After lunch, Bill, Leslie and I went for a walk to discover the old neighborhood...

Something interesting in between buildings...
At The Public Trust, flanked with my posse.
My favorite Charlie Harper piece:

The best thing about this piece are that some of the animals are actually cut out and then pasted onto the paper. It makes me wonder if he had made a mistake? It also reassures me that mistakes happen, and it's ok to keep going. Even if you have to cut out a piece of paper to cover it up. 

What I want for Christmas:

Buy it here.

Acme Rubber Stamp shop: they can create custom stamps

This is only a SMALL portion of the HUGE amounts of stamps. AND they do custom orders! Hmmmmm... the possibilities are endless!

Old stuff is the best...

It's still dusty!

My mouth is still watering thinking about those hamburgers.

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