April 6, 2010

From 2009, Saturday's Skirt

I was going through posts that I had started but never finished the other day and came across 3 for the month of April. This post is exactly one year old today. Better late than never, right? I apologize for the crazy coding catastrophe. I am not going to spend anymore time on it.

Saturday's skirt is another gift from Marianne who gave me seven skirts. I gave one to my sister-in-law and have worn three already, so this one makes number 4. I have two left! But this skirt is great, because it's a flattering fit, I love the color and the embroidered navy blue starred circles compliment the white circles and feel great on the tips of my fingers when my hands brush against the fabric. I had a busy day last Saturday, but who knew it was going to be so chilly? The morning was kind of like the color of my skirt, icy blue.
"On the road again!"
On my way to Denton... it takes about 45 minutes.
My new peep toe shoes. Aren't they adorable? They are from Payless and are navy blue with pink polka dots! Definitely the best $20 I spent last week.
There was an exhibition at UNT called Graff, Tag and Bomb: The Influence of Graffiti -- An exhibition of graffiti-influenced art presented by the University of North Texas College of Visual Arts and Design. Sour Grapes, a group of Oak Cliff-based graffiti artists, will create a graffiti mural outside the UNT Art Building as part of the exhibition.

HMS, my old candy store.

They sell art supplies here. I spent so much money here, I should just repay my student loans to this place.

Back to Dallas for brunch with Marianne, we went to Mama's Daughters' Diner.

My yummy Belgian waffles. It doesn't take much to make me happy!
There's Mama!

It was a little like a celebrity sighting for me.

After brunch we went Garage Sale-ing in a neighborhood here in Dallas called the L streets.
We hit about 7 sales where I scored a CuisineArt complete with attachments for $10, an angel food cake pan for $1, a vintage book of Grimm's Fairy Tales for 25¢ and a copy of Lolita for 50¢.

I also bought a rather large remnant roll of this pretty vintage wallpaper for $1.
After the sale we went to C's house for a fitting of Sunny Sliger's work. 
C in Sunny's skirt. I'll be wearing similar fashion at TigerSprung.

Finally, I was shat on...
And that SHAT is good luck!


It's funny to think of some of these items waiting for me back in Dallas:

My friends
My skirt and shoes
My garage sale loot

But they are!

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