October 18, 2009

Park Abbey

It started out like a normal Sunday. You know: lazy, coffee, reading, internet surfing, some light cleaning, and then I got antsy. The sun was shining brightly and once again, she was calling me outside. I hopped on my bike and started to ride in a direction that I hadn't been before.
I love riding on Sundays; the city sleeps and there is hardly any traffic. I took my time, turning on streets that invited me with a pleasant view. I rode like this for about a half hour... and then I found myself here...
Not quite sure where...

It's pretty though,

and quiet.
The English translation was on the other side. Somehow I had arrived at Park Abbey, one of the best preserved abby of the low countries. It was founded in the 1100's, but most of the buildings on the estate are from the 17th and 18th century. First I entered upon a cemetery, making my way around the grounds. I walked around a pond, fed the ducks with a stranger and traced my steps back to where I first entered the site.

There is a fungus among us.
Doesn't this look like a Van Gogh painting?
Nobody here but me and the cows.
An entrance at Park Abbey.
Grave yard art.
I don't know why I snapped these shots. Perhaps because it was so colorful compared to everything else I saw. Also, there is something very touching about a child honoring an ancestor. It's very sweet.
The sun streaming through the colorful windows, echoed my sentiments of wanting to tour the inside. Alas, it was closed.
Eerie view from inside the Park Abbey cemetery.
Park Abbey barn.

Park Abbey pond.
Along the grounds.
I do as I am told.
It was very similar to my walks around White Rock... sort of.
Feeding the ducks.
A popular photo op of the abbey just across the fish pond.
Back on the grounds, a walkway that leads you to the living quarters.
Park Abbey through the trees.
Man made radial design.
Lovely blue Belgian sky.

Nature's ultimate radial design.

Door knob detail

Key hole detail. Can you imagine how big that key must be?

It was a lovely Sunday.

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