October 27, 2009


This past weekend in Belgium we turned back the clocks; we have officially 'fallen back.' Another aspect of falling back in Leuven is hazing.
The darker clad group is an assembly of singing students who have just been through an obstacle course filled with mayonnaise and mud. It was an interesting spectacle but not as beautiful as the colors of the trees.

I have never 'seen' fall like this before, the leaves are so beautiful. I can not get over all of the bright amazing colors and the consistent wondrous shapes that fall from the trees. It's so hard not to stare at the ground, and even harder not to pick up every beautiful leaf I see. I am in awe and at a loss for words, I have already used the word 'beautiful' twice. For someone who hails from Texas, I am not accustomed to such visual beauty. It makes me all the more thankful for my time here.

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les.thar.gy said...

love the new origami banner! and each & every one of your wonderful blog posts! XOX from Texas