October 2, 2009

Idea #96

Ideas #96 - 100 are ones that you fill in yourself.

I wrote: Focus on positive and negative shapes.

Along with Idea #9, I pulled this square before I left for Bruges also...

Positive and negative shapes in Bruges: Day 1

Bruges train station.

Lace is BIG business here in Bruges.
The open work patterns naturally lends itself to a study of positive and negative space in design.
Decorative screen on a window door.

Flying buttress against a beautiful blue sky.
The Church of Our Lady

Street scene
Sometimes the sun doesn't grant you the best shot,
but something beautiful.


Positive and negative shapes in Bruges: Day 2

I'll start this day with lace:

This photo is a close-up of the lace fence around the windmill.
It's created by a Dutch design house called Demakersvan. They've done several projects which you can view here.


A view of the Grote Markt, from inside the Belfry,
about one-third of the way up.

I started with lace, so I'll end with lace.
Lace map of Bruges.

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