July 8, 2009

Thank Heaven...

For full moons and lunar eclipses. Good things and changes are supposed to be coming my way.
For Resolana, and time spent in jail, crafting. We made thank you notes from scraps of fabric, paper and some of my childhood ephemera.

This card was created from a three little pigs book. The pigs' expressions are funny and I think they were in the middle of being blown down. I gave them hearts, and it's all good now.

This sweet man is cracking the whip under the big top.

Good food at Mac's, an AMAZING bar-b-que.
Yummmmmm! Seriously, this is THE best bar-b-que I have found in Dallas... So far. Their peach cobbler wasn't bad either. Next week they'll have blackberry cobbler. You bet I'll be back!

And finally, thank heaven for little boys.
They are such an inspiration.

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