July 8, 2009

Skirt WTHK

Summer Stay-cation Adventures in WTHK??
(who the heck knows...)
I bought this skirt last summer at Curiosities, one of THE best stores in Dallas. I always buy vintage fabric when I go in. It's where I got the light blue silk gingham that's the new background on Skirt Project. I love gingham, but that's another post for another day.

Back to my skirt, it's so beautiful and delicate, and is actually made from a vintage slip. It was in the 100s that day, Skirt WTHK is a perfect skirt to wear on a hot, hot day.
"I'm on top of the world!"
I went along for a Stay-cation a few weeks ago.

Fountain detail in the Sky Lobby.

40 stories up, one can view of the almost completed
It's almost ready, and it's almost Opera season!
And, whoa! Dallas Opera totally changed their website! Nice job guys!

Below, an aerial view of Guadalupe Cathedral, one of the most beautiful buildings in Dallas. The corner stone was laid in 1898 and finished in 1902. Anyway, I love cathedrals. I always feel such peace when I am inside them, but it's also great to view them from above. It would have been awesome to view the cathedrals in Vallarta from so high up...
Next we walked to the Plaza of the Americas.
It looks different when you view it with an architect. I noticed lines and details I never would have noticed before...

Well... maybe I would have.
I like these hemispheric balconies next. The sporadic but deliberate placement next to the "spine," makes me smile. For fun, there is an ice skating rink at the bottom center of the center, and long prisms that hang along the glass wall and ceiling.

It's time for rainbows on Skirt
Plaza of the Americas also has lots of shops and eateries.
WTHK what that is?

Close by, is the Crow Collection of Asian Art. I hadn't been there in ages and was so impressed with the current exhibition The Return of the Yellow Peril: A Survey of the Work of Roger Shimomura, 1969–2007 and the reinstallation of some of their permanent collection.

I must say that the Roger Shumomura's work is extremely inspirational. His bright and poignant documentation of his bicultural experiences, inspired me to document and create for myself.
In this hall are over 2,ooo origami butterflies folded by various schools around Dallas. Some of them are made from origami paper and others are made from construction paper.

Beautiful detail:

A Nepalese Buddha making the gesture of teaching.
It's beautiful and makes me want to read this book again; a book I remember having an impact on my life, but don't remember at all...

Had a beer and played Cricket here.
"Stay-cation all I ever wanted,
stay-cation have to get away."

I love being a teacher.

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