July 10, 2009

My Little Notebook

I have a little notebook that I always carry around with me. Truth be told, I have 4 notebooks total:

1. my little notebook
2. my bigger notebook
3. my calendar
4. my creativity journal

I always write about the need for order and organization and while I'm not sure that these books are actually helping, I have so much fun writing and creating in them all, and I do use them all almost every day. All I need are my pens, scissors, and a small tube of glue, which goes along perfectly with one of my mottos: "Have crafts, will travel."

In my little notebook I stamp the date, and then see what ephemera the day brings me. Items that I have pasted in my little notebook include:
to do lists
thankful lists
shopping lists
pretty pieces of paper
scraps of paper, etc.

Today's particular page is both doodles AND notes

On the left side, I sketched out some pieces that I am working on for a sweet kid I know. On the right, I wrote down some websites from the latest issue of Dwell magazine that I wanted to check out.

If you click on the image above, it will go to my website: SkirtProject.com (which is still in the works), and from there you can click on the list for links to these sites.
Also, for Lesters sake: Click on the banana!

Happy exploring & happy Friday!

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