June 18, 2009

Texas Discovery Gardens

My friend Jim is visiting from down under. We met in a metals class and took a real liking to each other. He's going back to Oz next Wednesday, so we hung out at the Texas Discovery Gardens, an "organic urban oasis" located at Fair Park. I wanted to practice taking pictures. Maybe it had something to do with hanging out with Jim, but I kept going back to lessons I learned in art school.

Brace yourself, I took LOTS of pictures yesterday.

The Texas Star

Did you know that this is the largest ferris wheel in North America?



Positive and negative space


Color Theory and Mother Nature

More botanicals:

My mom used to call me her passion flower,

"cause it only took one night."
Hahahaha! Sorry mom.


It's been so long since I've seen a pine cone...

Jim made that bracelet for me. The big star shaped seed is a Eucalyptus seed. It smells so good. He also made this matching necklace.

The green stone is Atlantisite. It's a combination of the minerals serpentine and stitchtite (small flecks of deep purple in the mineral.) It's only found in Tasmania, made by Jim, therefore is special.

I owe you a scarf Jim. I promise.

Bas-relief detail on the soon-to-open Rosine Smith Sammons Butterfly House and Insectarium.

A close up of Jim's pants. He had them made while he was in Thailand.

Jim at a crossroads.

He's taken the road less traveled.

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