June 25, 2009

Adventures with Grace

My stint as a single mother ended earlier this week, and I had the BEST time. I forget how great four-year-olds are.

Face painting at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Skipping to my Lou:

Play dates and kiddie pools

We went downtown for a pool party, "Miss Lydia! These are the biggest buildings I have ever seen in my life!"
The skirt that's testing the waters belongs to Ashlee.

Grace and I made the cupcakes for the party:

The mini-cheeseburgers on the top are actually teeny tiny cake cookies. Nabisco calls them Cakesters.

Here are the ingredients I used to make the mini-cheeseburgers:

Here's how we did it:

1. Color, or buy fondant in the colors of red, yellow and green. I like this fondant, and these gel food colorings. Be careful when you are coloring the fondant, it does stain.

2. Split one Nilla Cakester. Don't worry about scraping off the cream filling, it looks like mayonnaise.

3. Pinch some green fondant to make it look like lettuce, and place on one the Nilla Cakester halves.

4. Next, place one chocolate creme Oreo Cakester on top of the lettuce.

5. Roll out the yellow fondant, or squeeze with your fingers. Cut into a square and place on top of the Oreo Cakester.

6. Roll the red fondant like a snake and cut into small pieces. Softly squeeze the red pieces between your fingers and place three on top of the cheese.

7. Top off the burger with the last Nilla Cakester half.


Here's a graduation cake that I made for my friend Kevin, using the mini-cheeseburgers.
(Actually the cake is a store bought chocolate ganache cake, but I made the burgers and the sign!)

Well Done!

Get it?

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